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Off to Kindergarten [Lifestyle Photographer Southlake Texas]

Well we made it.  Survived the summer of mom working more than usual, just a couple of days of camps, no vacations, and just pure imagination and a back yard.  I asked them in a perfect world if we could do anything in the last couple of weeks what would it be.  They said, just more of what we’ve been doing.  No requests for water parks, or anything flashy.  Just more time outside, lizard hunting, swimming and NO errands or schedules. LOL.  They truly value being home, and not having to race out the door.  In fact, one day last week I told them I would do zero work, and they could choose what we did all day.  It wasn’t anything crazy, but Alivia must have asked about 20 times “Are we in a hurry mom? Do we need to finish this soon? Are we allowed to take our time at this?” My children clearly are aware of the hustle and bustle of our life!

I started the tradition of back to school pictures when Caden entered kindergarten, and have been taking them every year since.  I love going to school the week or 2 before we start back up, so we can take them without people being in the background, and I don’t have to worry about having my camera with me on the first day.  It also helps having over an hour to get them to cooperate, because Lord knows I have to take 500 pictures just to get 100 good ones (oh those fake smiles).  Every year it tests my patience to the core, but each time I look through the pictures I’m glad I put up the good fight.

This year’s pictures were so much more special to me, because it’s the first time they will be in the same school.  I imagine, much like the yearly bluebonnet pictures, I will try to keep this tradition going until they graduate and they will no doubt fight me on this once they hit the “too cool for mom” phase.  Hopefully bribery never goes out of style.  She’s just so excited to be in this big kid school, and they’ve already started mapping out when they are going to see each other in the halls.  In the pictures where he’s holding her hand and walking he was giving her the low down on lunch, recess and pajama day (I wish I would have videoed it).  And sister with her rolling back pack.  My word ya’ll.  Knowing she had to wear a uniform this year, she spent WEEKS trying to figure out what backpack she wanted.  She wore the edges down on the Pottery Barn backpack catalog, and INSISTED she have a rolling one.  She had seen girls rolling them down the halls and thought it was the coolest thing her little eyes had ever seen.  She finally landed on this pink and navy puppy dog which just fits her personality so much.

I’ve officially got one kindergarten melt down under my belt (mine, not hers) and fingers crossed I got it all out of my system.  She’s just so strong, brave and fierce.  She’s been counting down the days until we start up, and since meeting her teacher this weekend she’s been talking about her new teacher non stop.  My sweet girl I pray you never lose that fire.  The one that drives me up a wall most days, but will no doubt be used to rule the world one day.

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