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Keepsake + Prayer Boxes

Fine Art Memory Boxes by Jessica Marchetti

Looking for a beautiful, artistic place to store your bible, prayer requests, mementos, cards, pictures, TV remotes and various trinkets? How about a beautiful personalized art box.  Click here to purchase your box!


What it is:

A high quality luster photograph covered box lined with black satin interior and finished with a custom fabric back and side.  We offer a carefully curated selection of fabrics to help you personalize every box, with over 30 options to choose from including silks, vegan leathers, linens and more.  All boxes are lined with black fabric on the inside and a black satin ribbon for easy removal of contents.  They come in 5 sizes, and the larger boxes are able to store anything from remote controls, jewelry, 200 photographs, to various trinkets around the house.

Sizing options are:

5×7: 1.5″ depth

8×8: 2″ depth

10×10: 2″ depth

12×12: 2″ depth

11×14: 2″ depth

Custom Worry Boxes Christian Gifting

How it works:

Choose from any piece of art in my portfolio, or send me your own pictures (even from your cell phone), choose from over 30 fabric options, and add custom text (or no text at all) and you’ve got a personalized home accessory.  I can add your custom bible verses, quotes, music lyrics, monograms or just the picture by itself.  These make great prayer boxes, memento boxes, catch alls, desk storage, bereavement gifts, bridesmaids gifts, the list goes on and on!

Getting your box ordered is super simple! Click here to get started, or contact me directly and I can guide you through the process.  I have some pre designed options you can choose from, or you choose any size “create your own” box!  The production time is about 3 business days and then it ships via UPS ground with a flat shipping rate.

Keepsake Memory Box Custom Gifting

The story behind the boxes:

I started off selling these boxes because I loved the idea of a beautiful piece of art that also could be used on your coffee table to hide your remotes and other various eye sores.  I loved the idea of having something that looked like a coffee table book that doubled as storage for any space.  I eventually gave them out as gifts, choosing perfect images for each person with custom messages I felt they would love that would become a precious momento.  I loved hand tailoring each box for each of my recipients and it warmed my heart when they were so happy to have such a thoughtful and personal gift.  From there it blossomed into all of the various present ideas that they’ve been ordered for, and I realized there were no limits to who these would be great for!  My favorite use became as custom prayer or “worry boxes.”  As a Christian woman I understand how important it is to hand over all of our worries and needs to God.  The purpose behind a prayer or worry box, is to write whatever is heavy on your heart, and place it in the box, giving it to God.  Once that fear has been written down and put in the box, you need to mentally let it go and trust that He will take it from there!  Let go and let God!

Gifting Ideas:

Christian Gifts:  A prayer or worry box, or simply a precious keepsake you’d love to gift someone, we can make it personal to you!  Have a favorite verse, or a friend who’s going through tough time and could use the every day reminder that God is with you?  I have some already designed scripture boxes with some of my favorite bible verses and photograph art combinations to make choosing your custom box a little easier.  I made a custom prayer box for my son’s Christian teacher with her favorite bible verse and used his school colors for the fabric.   I can add your school logo or any other customization  you may want. Click here to purchase your box!

Keepsake Memory Box Custom Gifting

And like all good mother’s, my very own has become addicted to giving them as gifts as well.  She had a rough past couple of years caring for her aging mother and turned to a few of her closest friends for love & support.  She wanted them to know how very much she adored their help and how significant they had been in her lives.  She had a very specific idea in mind for the boxes she wanted me to make.  One of her favorite songs is by a Christian artist named Francesca Battistelli called “Hands of God.”  She had me photograph a set of hands, edit it with a rustic black and white finish and add the inscription from the song, “I Hope you know to me, You are the Hands of God.”  She made them as 5×7 boxes and finished it with platinum silk backing and loved the way they turned out! Click here to purchase your box!

Christian Gifts Custom Prayer Box

Mothers & Fathers Gifts:  What parent wouldn’t love a thoughtful custom gift, whether for a birthday, Mother’s Day or just because.  You could use your family portraits, special pictures of the grand kids, or choose an image from my portfolio that may have special meaning to them.  Family photographs are wonderful on their own, or with a custom quote or text overlaid.  Here’s an example I made for Father’s Day, that sits on his desk at work. Click here to purchase your box!

Custom Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Bereavement Gifts:  There are so many struggles with losing a loved one.  You never want to forget their place in your heart and having a precious dedicated box to store their memories is truly special.  Two examples below were created for clients and they are still enjoying them years after their loved one’s passing. Click here to purchase your box!

This was an image of 3 generations of hands holding on at the father’s final few breaths.  An image taken with the client’s cell phone that will be forever cherished.

Bereauvement Gifts

This is a photograph of my grandmother’s heirloom jewelry that I had taken as part of my Heirloom Photography services to gift my own mother.  When she passed away, I turned it into a box for my mom, and it is a heart felt scrapbook of her favorite items that remind her of her mother.

Custom Bereauvement Gifts

Moving Gifts:  When a dear friend of mine who moved away, I wanted her to have something special to remember the home they lived in for years, watched their daughters grow in and shared so many great memories.  I went to her old house nearby, photographed it, and put it on a box with the quote, “Where we love is home.  Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”  I backed it with camel color leather to coordinate with her home’s upscale rustic decor and made it an 8×8 size.  Then I printed two mini albums of all the photographs I’ve taken of her kids in her home and put them inside.  Not only did it take me down memory lane putting it together, it really felt like a present she might treasure for years. Click here to purchase your box!

Keepsake Memory Box Custom Gifting ForTheLoveOfWallArt Etsy Shop

Corporate Gifts:  The boxes have also been a hit as corporate gifts.  I had clients order boxes with custom logos, (the Texas Longhorns were a huge hit), and even personalized stationary inside for each of their employees. Click here to purchase your box!

Custom Corporate Gifting


Bridal Gifts:  I’ve had some wonderful gift orders for just about every occasion, bridal and groomsmen gifts are no exception!  These are a great alternative to the generic and impersonal gifts that have been a wedding party gifting trend for years.  You could use personal photographs of the bride and each bridesmaid, with a custom quote or inside joke that means something special.  Do the same for the groomsmen, or choose from various artwork in my portfolio for them.  A bridesmaid ordered one as a gift for the bride with a photograph of the couple from their engagement pictures on the front, and chose a fabric that coordinated with their wedding colors.  She gifted it to the bride to use as her guest book.  When guests entered, the box was displayed on a table, along with pens and paper for them to write their name along with special notes to the Bride and Groom, and placed them in the box.  It then became a keepsake box with keepsakes from their big day and will be treasured forever! Click here to purchase your box!

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