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Hi, I’m Jessica Marchetti, a Dallas/Ft. Worth based Fine Art Photographer.  From a young age, I’ve had a strong desire to live creatively.  From performing in school plays to studying journalism my life has been wrapped up in the arts for years.  I graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelors Degree in the Arts and had high hopes of becoming an on air sportscaster (this was before any women were on camera much).  But also being practical, I took my first job out of school working for a fortune 500 company in the Real Estate Investment business, but in a very unique department.  We handled event planning and creative solutions in a wide array of marketing and advertising projects.  I worked directly under an insanely talented artist who always pushed for perfection.  It’s there I honed my attention to detail and better understudying of creative expression.  With art there are no limits, and it’s truly an expression of your spirit.

In 2007 I left Chicago and ventured south to Dallas where I transitioned to another creative position, working for Neiman Marcus online as their web producer.  It was an environment filled with talented artists from designers to photographers and creative directors.  Being in this creative sphere only fueled my passion for the arts more.

After a couple of years, we started our family and I found myself at a crossroads.  I wanted to be as involved as possible in my son’s life but I still had a very strong desire to work and continue my career journey.  Photography had always been a passionate hobby and I was being asked again and again to take pictures for family friends.  It was at this time I decided to take a leap of faith and start a family photography business.  I spent the next year taking workshops, online courses and nourishing my growing profession.  There were definitely some bumps in the road but I have never stopped trying to educate myself on new techniques both in my execution and editing (and still do to this day).  You can look through my past posts and really see how my style as evolved over the years.

It wasn’t long before I had a passion for lifestyle portraits and even more so fine art photography of nature and landscapes.  I continued to take on new portraiture clients but found myself being drawn more and more to my fine art.  Somewhere in there I had another sweet baby and battled post partum anxiety (twice).  There were many times I hung my camera on the shelf not knowing when I’d take it back out.  Some of my absolute favorite pieces came from battling the dark, and I have them hung on canvases around my home to remind me of the struggles but more importantly the triumphs.

My artwork and this website are a labor of love and a true passion for bringing joy to others through my work.  I feel truly fulfilled when someone falls in love with an image and customizes it for their home.  With each sale and happy customer I am overcome with joy.  I hope you find a piece that speaks to you, or even if you have an idea of something you’d like to see, contact me and let’s see what kind of magic we can make.

You can continue to follow my journey and watch my artwork grow on my Instagram page.  I share my life as a working mother, my love of interior design and home decor, share tips and tricks to beautifying your walls and general loveliness.