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Texas Longhorns Wall Art [Dallas Landscape Photographer]

It’s been a while since I blogged about new additions to the Etsy shop, so I need to play a bit of catch up!  Being that I live in Texas, and always drive by beautiful ranches and fields of longhorns, it was only natural that I finally stop to document some of these gorgeous animals.  There’s a huge ranch not too far from me that I frequent and every so often these guys will get close enough to their fence for me to capture them.  I have come to love #23, he is quite the poser.  I’ll stand there snapping away while he just stares right into the lens.  I need to rent a bigger zoom lens one of these days and get even closer to this guy, but for now he’s been a great subject.

Texas LonghornTexas Longhorn Photography

Texas Longhorn PhotographyTexas Longhorn WMTexas Longhorns 2Texas Longhorns 3Texas Longhorns 4Texas Longhorns 5Texas Longhorns 7Texas Longhorns 8Texas Longhorns 9Texas Longhorns 10Texas LonghornsTexas Bluebonnet LonghornsTexas Longhorn in Wildflowers

All of these pictures are available as a matted print, on canvas, or as personalized note cards.  I’ve even ordered them on my custom images boxes and they turned out great!  I had someone put them on 8×8 boxes and then placed personalized note cards with the longhorns pictures inside as a holiday gift.

Big Guy LonghornsLonghorn BluebonnetsWall Display GuideP86A3997 small copy

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