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Summer’s Over [Southlake Lifestyle Photographer]

Sometimes mom lets you stay up late on a school night, for the sake of photography and good lighting.  🙂

Today was little miss’ first day back to school (and not a moment too soon for her or me).  She turns 5 tomorrow, but she seems so much older to me.  She’s one parts 2nd child, one parts fearless & determined which add up to 5 going on 12.  She’s got very specific tastes in music, movies, toys and clothes (don’t get me started on the amount of time it takes us to agree on an outfit in the morning).  She pushes us all to the point of madness and exhaustion then just when you think you are going to scream, she says something so hilarious that you can’t help but laugh and scoop her up in a bear hug.

When she was in my stomach she NEVER stopped moving, I mean ever.  I would cry to Nick how she was punching and kicking at the same time, because I could feel it in 4 places at once.  At one of her sonograms I had a technician tell me she’d never seen a baby move so much and that I was in trouble.  To say this is still true today would be an understatement.  She doesn’t walk, she runs. EVERYWHERE.  And she’s actually quite fast.

She’s an amazing sister.  She’ll play whatever Caden wants to, she stands up for him no matter what (even yelling at Nick or I when he’s getting in trouble to go easy on him), and saves a bite of every treat for him (even when he’s already had one of his own).  She’s the one who will push the limits when he’s too scared too (like hiding behind the couch with packs of fruit snacks).  Don’t get me wrong, she’s still a sister, and annoys him plenty.  But at the end of the day, she’s someone you want in your corner.

She’s as girlie as it gets; loves painting her nails, changing dresses 3x a day and putting on make up.  But will also dig in the dirt, play any sport you want and play light sabers while wearing her fairy wings.  I made her middle name “Grace” because she is truly a testament of God’s grace on me and it just happens to be a daily lesson for ME in giving her the grace that she needs.

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll find time to do her annual birthday pictures and post some from her birthday party along with it.  In the mean time, here’s her 2nd, 3rd and 4th pictures to make you smile.

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