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smarty pants PINNING post!

i’m the first to admit – i’m not that creative.  yes i can see beautiful things in nature and photograph them.  i’ve got that going for me.  but looking at everyday objects and thinking of something out of the ordinary to do with them? i got nothing. like nothing.  i just go to the store to buy whatever i need.  so when i’m on Pinterest and see such AMAZING ideas created out of something so simple i’m seriously baffled.  i’m gonna copycat all of this nonsense! and i highly suggest you do too. 🙂

here are my favoirte smarty pants finds for today:

i mean – everyone has binder clips – and they even make them in every color now at office max so you can find whatever color scheme works with your office.  BRILL.

save old tin foil boxes or saran wrap boxes – then spruce them up with wrapping paper and you’ve got to go containers to deliver holiday treats in.  pretty. simple. green.  SO SMART.


using masking tape to create a car track for the chickens to play on.  they can help design it.  it can change everyday or you can keep it for a day.  whatever the heart desires.  WINNER.


storing your extra set of sheets inside their respective pillow cases.  i mean……. so smart. and visual.  SMARTY PANTS!


arranging your family pics in the shape of a heart.  we all have an insane amount of simple frames lying around the house.  you can even mix and match different ones for a vintage look.  smart and fun 🙂


painting your kitchen butcher block to be whatever you want.  colors, monograms, anything.  ugh, COOL.


cheap halloween party decor.  10 cent balloons with black cut outs glued on.  cheap thrills.  SMART!


a pull out ironing board if you don’t have an actual laundry room.  i couldn’t pull this off but i’m sure i could pay my brother to do it (he’s our DIY guru).


and this isn’t anything innovative but just a little cutie patootie to brighten up your day.  SO STINKIN CUTE!!!!!



  • Oh I love this! I already have a bunch of those pinned – will check out the others – And that last image is so stinkin’ cute!ReplyCancel

  • Lots of amazing ideas! Thank you for sharing. I think I will need to add you to my pinterest =)ReplyCancel

  • Pinterest totally rocks & is full of awesome ideas & creativity! And these are all awesome ideas!ReplyCancel

  • Oooh, what fabulous ideas! I especially love the cars/tape!!!ReplyCancel

  • So many fabulous ideas, Jessica! Your sweet boy is such a cutie. He was the best part of the whole post. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Ha, this is awesome, Jessica! Have seen some of these but a few are new and LOVE them! LOVE your cute little boy at the end!ReplyCancel

  • Love the racetrack idea!ReplyCancel

  • love all these ideas! so creative.ReplyCancel

  • What a fun posted. I enjoyed all of these ideas!! I’m not crafty either.ReplyCancel

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