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Lifestyle Portraits

A lifestyle portrait session isn’t the usual sitting tall and posing for the camera. In fact, I encourage you not to do that.  I like to sit back and simply document your every day with your loved ones.  Running, laughing, tickle fights, story time, peekaboo, whatever brings you joy.  My favorite session are when I get to come to your home or at your favorite park or playground and see how you interact in your most comfortable environment.  I don’t use props or anything that wouldn’t organically be in your child’s life.  If she has a favorite blankie she carries everywhere, of course I want that in a shot or two.  A favorite book you read every night, the bikes you ride daily, the clothes/outfits you wear daily, you get the point.

**The only real exception are my high school senior portraits and maternity sessions.  I still aim to make these as laid back as possible but they will appear more “portrait” in nature.

Pricing for these sessions can be found on the services page here.