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Life’s a Bowl of Cherries [Kitchen Wall Art]

As a mom and wife, I know that those two jobs always come first.  Life speeds by, commitments increase, and I find less and less time to devote to my photography.  It’s gotten to the point where I thought to myself “Why am I even still doing this? I love it, but does anyone else?  Is any of this even good?”  When I get a free moment here and there (in between loads of laundry and driving my kids around town) I get an idea or a vision of something I want to photograph.  Then as quickly as it came into my mind, a dog barks or a child asks for a snack and the thought leaves and is gone and forgotten.

Every so often I’ll get a little nudge to pick back up, or I’ll read something inspiration that reignites the flame enough to make me take action.  I started a bible study a few weeks ago that has been slowly giving me that poke.  I’m a firm believer that God is always talking to us, we just need to clear out the noise and listen.  The problem is our inner voice has a good way of shutting those conversations down and making us feel like they are insignificant or all in our minds.  I’ve had a song on repeat these days called “Inner Demons” and I love it so much.  One of the greatest lines from it is, “Inner demons don’t play well with angels.”  How true is that?  How many times have you been fired up about something only to have your brain tell you it’s ridiculous.  I’ve made the decision to quiet that noise (or crank up the music and drown it all out).  I’m going to pick back up with my art, and make a real effort to find the time for it.  Who knows what ideas will pop into my head, or if they will be worthy of a blog post (they are all debatable, LOL).  But the point is I’m going to TRY.  So hopefully you’ll see more posts from me in the upcoming months.

Who knows why these cherries popped into my mind but they just did.  I was just driving down the road and a picture of bright red cherries in a simple glass bowl shot across my mind.  So off to the store I went.  True to inner voice fashion, I couldn’t decide if it was a light or dark feeling, I bounced back and forth between black and white backgrounds (even though the vision I had was white).  So I tried both and just kept snapping away until I felt satisfied.  I honestly think my favorite was the jar knocked over with all the cherries spilled out.  It happened on accident (or did it) as I was trying to arrange the stems just right.  I loved the way it looked and felt like it was so symbolic of life.  Just when you think your life is the perfect bowl of cherries they spill and somehow you’ve created a mess that’s just as beautiful.

Bowl of CherriesBowl of Cherries Bowl of CherriesBowl of CherriesBowl of CherriesBowl of CherriesBowl of CherriesCherries

Bowl of Cherries

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