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Kids in the Texas Bluebonnets [Southlake Landscape Photographer]

It’s that time of year again, when the Texas wildflowers are in bloom and the bluebonnets line the sides of the highways in all their glory.  It’s been such a fun tradition with my two little Texas natives.  I’ve gone to the same field since Caden was a baby and have loved bringing them back each season.  I’ll definitely be that mom who’s forcing these two to take these when they are home on college break, and I’m sure they will hate one day that I have so many images of them holding hands and kissing.  Until then, I’m soaking up as many of these as humanly possible.  And oh, my, goodness, this year we had a happy accident that the sun was “hurting their eyes” so I grabbed for the sunglasses for a few.  Which lead to me taking a bajilion pictures of little miss looking like a hippy flower child.  Too cute for words!

And because everyone loves looking back in time and comparing how much they’ve grown, here’s the link to view last year’s bluebonnet pictures!

Texas Landscape Photography_0001Texas Landscape Photography_0002Texas Landscape Photography_0003

It always cracks me up when she starts posing herself, no clue where she gets these from. 🙂

Texas Landscape Photography_0004Texas Landscape Photography_0005Texas Landscape Photography_0007Texas Landscape Photography_0008Texas Landscape Photography_0009Texas Landscape Photography_0010Texas Landscape Photography_0011Texas Landscape Photography_0012Texas Landscape Photography_0014Texas Landscape Photography_0015Texas Landscape Photography_0016Texas Landscape Photography_0017Texas Landscape Photography_0018Texas Landscape Photography_0019

This one is DEFINITELY my favorite.  Again, the sunglasses that weren’t even suppose to be part of the shoot.  These were a party favor from a Top Gun party that I just keep in the car for them.  The blue color made the clouds look so amazing I actually squealed out loud.

Texas Landscape Photography_0020Texas Landscape Photography_0021Texas Landscape Photography_0022

Sisters. Am I right?

Texas Landscape Photography_0023Texas Landscape Photography_0024Texas Landscape Photography_0025Texas Landscape Photography_0026Texas Landscape Photography_0027

Hey look! There I am!  Proof that I exist. 🙂

Texas Landscape Photography_0028Texas Landscape Photography_0029Texas Landscape Photography_0030Texas Landscape Photography_0031I had to finish these off with a “real life” picture.  A lot of people ask me “how do you get such great pictures of your kids?” It’s HARD.  This session I took about 700 pictures to narrow it down to 80.  A lot of crying, refusals to smile, cheesey fake smiles, more crying (by me), BRIBES, and every so often a winner.  This one cracked me up, this was about 10 minutes in and they were “over it” which was perplexing because they were yet to give me a good one.

Texas Landscape Photography_0006

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