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Central Park Cherry Blossoms [Fine Art Photography Wall Art]

Last week the family and I had a marathon style visit to central park.  As you know, I have an affinity for plant life, and it’s always been on my bucket list to see the cherry blossoms in person.  Above all, I want to see the ones in Washington D.C.  I have dreams of them lining the streets, rows and rows, pink on pink on pink.  But the trees scattered through central park were good enough for now!  With little ones in tow, we had to cater to them so I didn’t get as much time as I would have liked, but I was able to snap a few quick pics.  They smelled SO good, and my sweet boy even hand picked a fresh bouquet for me, carried them all the way back to Texas and is pressing them in a book to keep as a souvenir.  Bless his sweet heart!

I may put one or two of these in the Etsy shop soon, so stay tuned!

Fine Art Photography Wall art_0006

Fine Art Photography Wall art_0001Fine Art Photography Wall art_0002Fine Art Photography Wall art_0003Fine Art Photography Wall art_0004Fine Art Photography Wall art_0005Fine Art Photography Wall art_0007Fine Art Photography Wall art_0008Fine Art Photography Wall art_0009Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 9.05.59 PM

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