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I’m on day 4 of hobbling around the house mixed with lying on the ground with ice packs on my back and hip.  It’s no surprise I’m incapable of sitting still or enjoying lack of movement.  So today I’ve hit my breaking point. I’m so BORED.  This little face has been by my side making me laugh, so I’m trying to just focus on the down time with my little pumpkins.

Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0002Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0003Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0004Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0005Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0006Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0001

Thank you to all those who participated in my Happy Friday giveaway!  It was great to see everyone’s favorite prints from my shop.  I thought I’d share some of the fan favorites and thank you again so much for your sweet comments!

Top picks included:

Vintage Chandelier Fine Art Photography Wall Art

monet entranceWM

Calla Lily Fine Art Wall Art

Serene Wall Art

But now what you all really came here for, the winner!!! chose

Amanda Popa!

Congrats Amanda – I’ll be reaching out to you this week with your gift card information and how to redeem it.

For all the other participants, although you didn’t win the $250, have no fear I have a special treat for you too!

Just in time for Mother’s Day you can get 30% off anything in the Etsy shop.

The discount will work until May 1st.  As always if you have any issues or questions please contact me.

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It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with the green color palette.  It’s evident by browsing through my Etsy shop.  When I’m behind the lens, I seem to be drawn to lush green trees, rolling fields, a peaceful park, you name it.  I find these scenes so calming and just by looking at one of these images I’m instantly transported to the season in which I took them.  I can close my eyes and smell the fresh cut grass and hear the wind rustling through the leaves.  For me green means new life, lushness and fresh air.

Fine Art Photography Wall Art_0001Fine Art Photography Wall Art_0002Fine Art Photography Wall Art_0003

See what I mean? A little drawn to green….. slash obsessed?

Naturally then the color had to make it’s way into my home.  And while I do love it, green is too much as a whole wall color for me.  So I chose to bring in my favorite shade, emerald, as an accent alongside another lifelong color obsession of mine, navy.  Now, I totally understand that color scares most people.  Their Pinterest boards are of full of Sita Montgomery type designers, and various shades of neutral beiges and grays.  I’m a huge fan of her work and draw inspiration from some of her work, but I always end up adding a lot more color!

Dallas Interior Design

Dallas Interior Design_1

Plus it was a perfect way for me to bring in one of my favorite pieces from my entire art collection, “The Entrance to Monet’s Garden.”  I took it, none other, than at the walkway leading down to the famous artist’s beautiful grounds.  Not only is it my favorite shade of green, but to me the gorgeous doorway is reminiscent of the secret garden (one of my favorite childhood books).  You don’t know what’s behind those doors, but with such a grand entryway you have to imagine it’s something magnificent.  In a way it new represents new possibilities, you’ll never know what’s inside unless you open the door.

Dallas Interior Design_3

Dallas Interior Design_2

It’s not just home decor and artwork either.  One of my favorite outfits for my daughter practically camouflages her in these rooms and I’ve got plenty to match.  And just recently I held a fun Stella & Dot party and was instantly obsessed with their “jardin” collection (which of course means garden in French).  I saw the bracelet from across the room and gasped.  I had to have it and everything that came along with it.

Emerald Mood BOard

What do you think? Have I sold you on green yet?  You can purchase any of these beauties by following their links below.

Emerald Agate Slice Wall Art (print or canvas)

Entrance to Monet’s Garden Wall Art (print or canvas)

Stella and Dot Fillmore Tote Bag

Emerald Paige Chair

Nuloom Rug

Stella and Dot Jardin Chandelier Earrings

Stella and Dot Jardin Bracelet

And juuuuust because I LOVE a good before and after… Here is what the two rooms looked like when we TOURED our house and then bought said house.

Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0027Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0028

And here is what those front two rooms looked like for almost 2 years while I saved up to make my vision a reality.  Every so often another kids toy made it’s way in there (a trampoline at one point), but alas I have my big girl room.  Don’t worry though, I didn’t forget the kids, that white table is actually a pottery barn kids play table.  It’s chocked full of the kiddos’ toys and those gray poufs are of course for them. 🙂

The Before Shot

It’s been a labor of love, but I finally finished the new website!  It had been a few years since I updated it and it was way overdo for some sprucing up.  I’m so excited about it that I’m doing a giveaway to celebrate.  There are many ways to enter, but one lucky winner will walk away with a $250 gift card to my Etsy shop (prints, canvases, image boxes, use it anyway you’d like).  And if you are feeling extra generous with your winnings, it’s just in time for Mother’s day use! 😉

Head on over to instagram for your main chance to win! Not on instagram? No worries, there are more ways to win below.  But hurry, it ends Sunday.

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I have a love/hate relationship with social media.  Well mostly just with Facebook.  But every so often they redeem themselves.  This new back in time “memory” feature similar to time hop has been kind of cool.  Today it took me back to this date each year dating back to 6 years on Facebook.  Which made me feel old, then nostalgic, then spiraled a 30 minute time suck of going back through old posts & pics on my phone.  Getting to the point….. It reminded me of how fast time goes, and how I swear Alivia just turned 2, like a week ago.  But it wasn’t, it’s been SEVEN months since then.  Which reminded me how I never shared any pictures from that weekend (mostly because I think I was in denial that it even happened).  So long story short, enjoy a glimpse into the weekend Alivia turned 2.  And maybe you’ll get to see a glimpse into her 3rd birthday roughly around the time she turns 5.

 Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0001Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0002Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0003Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0004Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0005Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0006Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0007Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0008Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0009Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0010Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0011Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0012Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0013