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Forewarning you – this is a picture heavy post! I tried scaling back, but these two faces among the gorgeous Texas Bluebonnets were just too freaking cute.  :) We went a little early this year so the bluebonnets weren’t at their full potential but we have a jammed kid schedule so this had to do. I still managed to get my perfect shot of the two of them, this will be framed! Enjoy!

Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0001Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0002Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0003Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0004Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0005Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0006Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0008Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0009Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0010Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0011Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0012Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0013

And this is a cute little before and after.  The one on the left is when we first started and they were trying to decide if they were going to cooperate or not.  The one on the right is post victory fruit snacks. Well deserved.:)

Southlake Fine Art Photographer_0007

I’ve lived in Texas for 8 years. One thing I will NEVER grow tired of? Texas sky. I could photograph it all. day. long. Tonight’s sunset was no exception.  There were mild storms brewing in pushing the day’s clear and sunny skies aside.  I saw it from the window while putting the kids to bed and I knew I HAD to grab the camera and go outside.  I laid on my back on the cold stone driveway and just watched as the clouds swept through so gracefully dwarfing the small crescent moon.  A lovely little 5-7 minutes breathing in the silence.

Jessica Marchetti Fine Art Photography

Like many of my projects, this one stemmed from my desire to redo some portion of my home.  I’m a bit obsessed with home decor and feel like I will never truly be “finished” with this house.  Over the past year I’ve slowly made updates to our master bedroom to make it more colorful (surprise, surprise) and a little more peaceful.  One of the final elements it needed was new artwork.  I’ve had some classic black and white photography on the walls and I was ready to brighten up the art along with my throw pillows.:)

Like the rest of the walls in my house I first turned to the onset of fine art photography I have in my current collection.  But nothing was speaking to me. I knew I wanted plant life but wanted something a little more modern and simple.  Enter $20 of flowers and a macro lens.  Once I got going there was no turning back.  I even kept going and added some agate stones for my dining room walls.  I’m thinking I’ll probably print some of these as squares, canvases or framed prints.  Give me another 2 weeks and I’ll probably have them hung and ready for display/instagram.  Until then, here they are, the final few that made the cut.  Let me know if you have any favorites I can add to the Etsy shop.

Also, I totally just grabbed a bunch of stems from the grocery and inspected them more upon arriving home.  I geeked out when I noticed that the one stem of ranunculus I grabbed had 3 buds, one in each stage of growth.  I mean, that’s the perfect scenario for someone who has no patience or time to keep a bud alive in hopes of capturing it’s unique growth pattern. #winning

Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0001.jpg

Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0002.jpg

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Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0006.jpg

Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0007.jpg

Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0008.jpg

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Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0013.jpg

Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0014.jpg

Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0003.jpg

Going with the flow is the way to be people, it pays off! We postponed this session a couple of times, hoping sweet girl would start to walk in time for me to document it, and it was totally worth it.  And, sunrise sessions aren’t everyone’s favorite, but let me tell you how AWESOME the images always turn out.  That morning light comes up over the horizon and makes for some pretty perfect scenery. Thank you S family so much for trusting my vision, I hope you are as thrilled with the finals as I am.  Miss R did amazing, make sure you didn’t miss this sweet picture of her.

Southlake Lifestyle Family Photographer_0001.jpg

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