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Living in Texas we can’t *quite* say summer is over.  I mean, we’re still in the 80’s sometimes 90.  But I guess with the breezes blowing in a little more frequently and when the sun goes down, it’s finally starting to feel a little like our version of fall.  Which makes for beautifully perfect evenings outside.  Nick and I joke about the “magic hour” that happens in our household each evening.  On any given day I spend a solid 75% of my time breaking up fights among Caden and Alivia.  But for some reason, around dinner time, just before bed, they decide they are each other’s best friend. Maybe they are banning together trying to squeeze a few more minutes of play before bed time.  Whatever the reason, it’s amazing.  They talk, laugh, chase, share, and ENJOY each other either. We have overheard them on more than one occasion tell each other “I love you, you’re my best friend.” Heart, melted.  I finally grabbed my camera and snapped a few quick pics to prove it’s real.  Enjoy.

Documentary Photography_0002Documentary Photography_0003Documentary Photography_0004Documentary Photography_0005Documentary Photography_0006Documentary Photography_0007Documentary Photography_0008Documentary Photography_0009Documentary Photography_0010Documentary Photography_0011Documentary Photography_0012Documentary Photography_0013Documentary Photography_0014Documentary Photography_0015Documentary Photography_0016Documentary Photography_0017Documentary Photography_0018Documentary Photography_0019Documentary Photography_0020Documentary Photography_0021Documentary Photography_0022Documentary Photography_0023

It’s been a very busy month, I don’t even know how it’s almost OCTOBER.  After the trip to Charleston, and finally having *some free time now that the kids are back to school, I’ve been adding to my collection of fine art photography in the Etsy shop!  I still have a lot more additions to post, but I wanted to share some of my new faves.  All of these images are available in any size print and canvas.  And of course all of the artwork you see can also be purchased by contacting my directly if you prefer not to shop online.  Just message me for details!

Clicking on each image will take you directly to the link to purchase.

Hydrangea Print Photography_0006Hydrangea Print Photography_0007Hydrangea Print Photography_0008Hydrangea Print Photography_0009Hydrangea Print Photography_0003
Here’s a beautiful way you can mix and match these calming neutral blues and grays together as a wall gallery.

Bedroom Mock up FINALCharleston Artwork Rainbow Row PhotographyHistoric Charleston Houses PhotographyHistoric Charleston White House Live Oak TreeHistoric Yellow Charleston Home Rainbow Row Photography Window Bow Photography Wall ArtWindowsill Photography PrintGray House Grey ShuttersSecret Garden Photography Print

I’m obsessed with this image, it reminds me of the secret garden.  Look how amazing it would look as a main statement piece on the wall.

Red House Rainbow Row Photography PrintBlue House Black Shutters Charleston HomesTeal House Black Shutters Rainbow Row PhotographyTeal House Black Shutters Rainbow Row PhotographyTeal House Black Shutter WIndowbox IMG_8888 WM

If you’re like me and can’t choose between all the fun, colorful window boxes from rainbow row, just get them all! They’d look amazing as a gallery wall grouping on canvases or framed.  I see these in a beautiful white, silver or even reclaimed wood frame.  I work with a great printer who has gorgeous reclaimed wood frames.  I can order it all at once and have them put it all together with the paper closed back with hanging hardware.

charleston windows

Teal House Teal Shutters Rainbow Row PhotographyBy Invitation Only Wall SignRainbow Row Photography Blue House Window BoxRainbow Row Photography Yellow HouseBoone Hall Plantation Row of Oak Trees

Here’s another personal favorite and another one that would stand out well on a large wall space.  The live oak trees at the Boone Hall Plantation are so charming, perfect for southern decor, rustic decor, or a landscape photography lover!

oak chair

Spanish Moss Charleston Photography

I love how the Spanish Moss, Live Oak Trees and Secret Garden prints look grouped together.


IMG_8959 wm

So many of my pieces are purchased in the 8×10 and 11×14 size range.  You can spruce up any space with artwork, from your guest bathroom to your personal desk.  Anywhere in the home you could use a little happy to look at!

MBT_0148_8x10frame barnFishing Pier at Folly Beach Photograph Print or Canvas
MBT_0479_8x10frame WM
Ocean Photography Wall Art

Sometimes it helps to have a visual of what an image will look like in various sizes on your wall.  If you see an image you’d like to see on your wall, or using this same visualizer please contact me and I can get one for you.


That’s it for today, I’ll post again after I get the next round of additions up and running!

I had been looking forward to my trip to Charleston for MONTHS. I spent hours researching restaurants, tourist attractions, shopping and plantations.  I counted down the days and heard from everyone I talked to how much I’d fall in love with it.  I have to say, it definitely lived up to the hype.  Unfortunately from a photography standpoint, Charleston weather wasn’t very nice to me.  I stepped off of the plane to sunny skies and gorgeous clouds, took about 10 steps, and the rain started.  It would let up here and there for small stretches at a time, during which I would snap feverishly.  Then the rain would start and I’d tuck my sweet camera away and just enjoy the sites in peace.  My poor lenses took a beating, lots of water & fog being wiped away (she’s definitely gotta get shipped in to Canon for cleaning).  But I guess it was a bit of a blessing in disguise.  I ended up just enjoying my little girls’ getaway and doing some much needed R&R.

The first stop I made was to the Middleton Place.   Since it was a Friday at 2pm there wasn’t a soul around.  It was before my friend, Alyssa, landed so I ventured out on my own.  I have to say it was really quite a perfect start to my relaxing weekend away.  Again, I’d walk the grounds in total awe, snapping away, then those pesky clouds would hover and I’d get dumped on.  It actually turned out to be the perfect place to get caught in the rain.  The massive live oak trees served as fantastic umbrellas, and the raindrops rustling in the trees and water all around was very serene.  I’d run to cover, and sit below the tree just soaking it all in.  This was my first experience with the live oaks dripping in Spanish moss. To say these trees were breathtaking is an understatement.  I was a little bummed I didn’t have Alyssa with me so I could have a scale to show you how insanely large these trees were.  And one crazy trunk had a warped piece of wood that I thought looked like a ghost.

Charleston South Carolina Images_1Charleston South Carolina Images_2Charleston South Carolina Images_3Charleston South Carolina Images_4Charleston South Carolina Images_5Charleston South Carolina Images_6Charleston South Carolina Images_7Charleston South Carolina Images_8

I think the word to describe Middleton place was green. So much greenery, between the trees, lush grass and swamps covered in algae and moss, it was a green attack.  The next day I was SUPER pumped to get away from the monotone and into Rainbow Row.  An entire area of town where each house is a bright vivid color?! Have you seen my artwork? It’s a color addict’s paradise.  We took a Palmetto horse carriage ride that included a small historical tour.  I wasn’t paying much attention to it as I was in awe of the sites.  And I was THAT person who was reaching my head out of the covered trailer to try and get a good shot of the gorgeous architecture.

Charleston South Carolina Images_9Charleston South Carolina Images_10Charleston South Carolina Images_11Charleston South Carolina Images_12

I did listen long enough to learn that this stunning white mansion with vivid blue door (ring a bell anyone??) was actually a wedding gift from a grandmother to a grandchild.  My nana clearly has some catching up to do.

Charleston South Carolina Images_13Charleston South Carolina Images_14

I also have to mention my two nerdy freak out stops.  One of which was the Calhoun mansion which was the scene of Aly’s home in the movie The Notebook.  We also visited the Boone Hall Plantation, which was her summer home in the film as well.  We finally were able to hop out of our carriage just in time to snap a few windowsills and homes before (you guessed it), the heavens decided to open up for day TWO of raining on Jess’s photography parade.

Charleston South Carolina Images_15Charleston South Carolina Images_16Charleston South Carolina Images_17Charleston South Carolina Images_18Charleston South Carolina Images_19

Talk about curb appeal.  I don’t even have windows like this, but it immediately made me want to added flower window boxes to the front of my home.

Charleston South Carolina Images_20Charleston South Carolina Images_21Charleston South Carolina Images_22

So I know I have my adorable no soliciting sign on my front door, but when I saw this it made me think I should make one like this.  It just seems so much more dignified.  And to the point.

Charleston South Carolina Images_23Charleston South Carolina Images_24

Enter, pouring rain.  So we decided to drink copious amounts of wine and shop our way through the city with umbrellas.  Just as the day was winding down we saw there was a break in the weather so we made our way to Mt. Pleasant to the Boone Hall Plantation.  Yes, the home from the Notebook (Aly’s summer home, lots of Ryan Gosling make out sessions) and location of the most insanely beautiful drive-up entry ever.  I have two live oaks in my front yard, and it made me want to plant Spanish moss in them and let their limbs grow until they touch the ground.  I really wanted a shot of the house at the end of the long driveway but there was a wedding being set up and the trucks and tables and chairs blocked the whole front entry of the house.  There was this amazing black rod iron gate that opened up to the home. It was so ornate and grand, I wish I could have seen it in all it’s glory without catering trucks blocking it.  I’m telling you, this trip was not feeling my photographic wishes.

Charleston South Carolina Images_25

Charleston South Carolina Images_28Charleston South Carolina Images_26Charleston South Carolina Images_27Just as we were getting in our cars from the Boone Hall, you guessed it, the rain came back for the remainder of the evening.  Determined to cram in just a little more outdoors I got up early Sunday morning before my flight and high tailed it to Folly Beach.  I took approximately a 20 minute walk, just enough to feel the sand beneath my toes and snap a few shots of the beautiful skies I’d been waiting to see all weekend.

Charleston South Carolina Images_29Charleston South Carolina Images_30Charleston South Carolina Images_31Charleston South Carolina Images_32Charleston South Carolina Images_33

After my short stroll I hopped back in the car to cram one final destination into my trip before heading back to the airport.  This time I went to the Magnolia plantation.  Have you ever even heard of a town with more gardens and plantations in your life? Me either.  All 3 were unique and, with the exception for the live oaks in abundance, they had a different feel and story of their own.  If I had to sum up the Magnolia planation in one word, I’d say bridges. They really dig bridges, of all colors and sizes.  They were everywhere.  I’m only posting a few from that spot, but trust me, bridges bridges everywhere.

Charleston South Carolina Images_34Charleston South Carolina Images_35Charleston South Carolina Images_36Charleston South Carolina Images_37And that, in a nutshell is my very quick 48 hour trip to Charleston.  In the rain. 🙂  Thanks for stopping by.

As some of you may know (or have seen on my Pinterest board “Saratoga Curbside), it’s always been my dream to live in a white house.  I’ve always had these notions of this perfectly classic, timeless home, a la Father of the Bride.  I’ve spent many days driving through Highland Park in Dallas ooh’ing and ahh’ing at all the GORGEOUS painted brick homes and thinking to myself “one day.”

When we bought our forever home 3 years ago, I wasn’t too impressed with much of the design of it.  Inside or out.  But much like other women, we see past design, focus on the bones, and start making plans.  We spend hours on Pinterest, scour home design magazines, and dream of all the additions, upgrades and changes that our little brains can handle.  My husband and I always joked that our house was “Carroll Dragon Green” (the school mascot where we live).  I told Nick, not soon, but one day, I’m going to make my white house a reality.  I’m going to save up my monies, and turn this orangey/pink brick into my dream home.  Just so I knew what uphill battle I had ahead of me, right after we moved in I got a quote from a painting company for the project.  Just as I suspected, the price was steep, and not by any means crucial.  So on the back burner it went and filed into my “5 year plan.”

If you followed any of my posts about my interior projects, you would see that the inside of the home was in a total state of disconnect from the outside.  I took my time, went room by room and transformed the dated home into a transitional modern style (and having a ball doing it).  I take great pride when people come over and tell me “your house looks like a Pinterest board.” Mission, accomplished.

Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0015

Still I kept thinking “I wish I could have the exterior compliment the interior.”  Enter mother nature.  At the beginning of the summer, Dallas was graced by a historical amount of rain and storms leaving most of the city under water and with residual damage.  Our home was no exception.  The hail and winds left sizable damage to our roof which affected some of our interior walls.  So we contacted insurance and got claim filing underway.  We soon realized among the repairs included a new roof, new gutters and some paint staining and touch ups.  Which….. if you give a mouse a cookie, she’s going to ask the painters to just keep painting.  We soon realized our original painting quote was a lot higher because it included painting gutters, fixing damaged wood, etc.  And now that insurance was helping with those items, it made our paint estimate come down to just enough of a level that it could be done.  Granted, it’s still a whopper of a bill, and I’m definitely going to be on a spending freeze for some time, but COME ON.  When would you get another opportunity like this? So off we went, picking out paint swatches, roofing swatches and watching the dream unfold before our eyes.

As the weeks went by, and my project was about to begin, I thought of all the other tweaks I could do to give our house that finished look.  I took all of the security lights down and spray painted them black.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 5.05.17 PM

I didn’t mind our front door *too* much, I originally planned to just give it a good paint job.  But when a brand new floor model door came across my Facebook Garage Sale feed for $200? I jumped on that.  I gave this puppy a fresh coat of paint and a door knob to match the interior pulls.  Add to that a new light fixture, (eliminating one of the LAST brass fixtures for good) and I had my new entry.

Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0009

Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0011

Then came the days of demo!!! First the gutters came down, then the roof went up, painters came in and worked their magic, and the new gutters went back on.  In the process we lost some landscaping.  Bushes died, flowers had to be ripped out, so this is a fun new project that will happen TBD.   Still on the to do list is hanging our house numbers (husband duty) and paint the bricks on the walkway (also husband duty).

I’m going to just let the pictures speak for themselves, and if you have any interest in the details of paint colors, etc. I’ll finish the post about it all at the bottom (Some of my “before” pictures were taking after the gutters came off, so sorry for that).

Here is my perdy new WHITE HOUSE!

Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0061Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0003

Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0006Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0004

Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0002Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0005Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0007Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0008Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0010Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0012Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0013Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0014Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0016Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0017Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0018

My poor “Breathe” sign went through the ringer. Between birds stealing the moss and all the movement from demos, it took quite a beating.  Alas, I’ll have to redo most of them, but I put them back up in the interim as is.

Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0019Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0020

Here are some of the pictures on their own.

Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0021Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0022Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0023Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0024Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0025

Painted Brick Texas Photographer_0001

Alas! Cohesion among the house.  A fun note about the blue paint color, it’s the same color in my kitchen, entry bathroom, & laundry room.  I love that it welcomes you at the front door, is a theme throughout the home, and is the back door as well.  It really ties it all together.  You can see these other images of the interior. Here, here and here.

Kitchen walls:

Fine Art Photography Wall Art

Brick – Sherwin William’s “Pure White”

Siding & Wood – Sherwin William’s “Sealskin”

Garage Door, Eaves & Keystones – Sherwin Williams “Tricorn Black”

Roof done by Super Roofman out of Keller – Silver Birch

Gutters & Downspouts – Black

Haint Ceilings, front door & back door – Sherwin Williams “Watery”

Security Lights – Rustoleum Black Matte

Front Light Fixture – Modern Forms

Door Handleset – Kwikset Tavaris

Painting done by CertaPro Painters Southlake

  • Hi Jessica, I really love what you’ve done with your home! It looks beautiful. I’m enjoying reading the blog too… 🙂ReplyCancel

Well, with the magic of a weekend and a husband to tend to the children, I was able to tackle editing all of Caden’s back to school pictures.  Like I’ve mentioned 37 times via social media, this week was hard for me.  We have 3 weeks left until Kindergarten starts for this little man and a wave of emotions has come over me.  Honestly though, after weeping crocodile tears for practically a week, and taking these pictures, I think I’m finally over it.  It was cathartic in a way.  And especially after the end of our session where he proved to still be little, I have fresh (and dried out) eyes on the new endeavor.

I’ve had some interest in back to school mini sessions, so there is more information about that at the bottom of the post.  Please feel free to email or call with me any questions.

So without further ado here are Caden’s back to school pictures.

Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0037Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0036Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0038Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0039Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0040Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0041Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0042Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0043Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0044Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0045Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0046Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0047Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0048Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0049Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0050
Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0052Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0053Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0054Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0055Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0056Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0057

Walnut Grove Elementary

Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0060

Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0058

If anyone is interested in having their child photographed for back to school, please email me or give me a call.  I will be doing sessions are your respective elementary schools, and will include a 20 minute session with 10 high resolution, fully edited digital files.