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Between the workshop I’m taking right now and a new client that I am working with I am feeling all full of thoughts and inspiration.  I thought I’d share what’s on my mind for today:

The current issue of Anthropolgie catalog has a main spread of women in an open prairie with wild horses.  It looks like it could be the hills of Wyoming or Colorado.  As soon as I saw the front cover I just let out a sigh and a smile.  It spoke to me as soon as I saw it. Mostly the vast countryside but the tone of it too.  I can feel the chill in the air and the sun about to rise on my face.  It’s peaceful yet a little sad.  Loneliness, solitude.  A life away from the stresses of the city and suburbs.  I would be beside myself for the opportunity to photograph in such a gorgeous environment.  My inspiration for the day 🙂  And it doesn’t hurt that I’m obsessed with everything they sell.  As soon as I lose these last 20 lbs of baby weight, and book more clients, I may have to treat myself to a mini makeover….

Check out their catalog online here and see if you’re inspired too!

The holiday weekend has drawn to a close, and although it’s still in the high 90’s it feels like summer is officially over.  Amidst the summer heat little man Baker was born to the sweetest parents you’ll ever know.  I loved hanging out with the Rinehart’s and their new addition.  He totally was not digging me putting that little knit hat on his head, but I’m glad he stuck with it, because he looks like a little bean!  Can’t wait to watch the little man grow and be loved by everyone that meets him.


This weekend I got to photograph a good friend of mine, Tony, and his super awesome family.  His son Seth is a “fan” of superheroes.  And by fan, I mean he literally knows of every superhero there ever was, can tell you every minute detail about them, and totally will if you let him.  He’s amazing. It was so much fun hanging out with them!

I had the privilege of spending my Sunday morning with the Bolin family!  Will, Brett, Dempsey and Biscuit. They were such troopers getting up at sunrise and battling the Texas heat (it was 100 by the time we finished at 8:30am).  Dempsey and Biscuit were total pros and I’m pretty sure Dempsey has modeled before, he was a total poser!  I absolutely adore pups and am obsessed with capturing the love owners feel for them.  Thanks guys!!!

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what happens when you take two adorable little girls and throw a flower headband in the mix?  you make them so irresistible you just want to pinch their little cheeeekiess!!!!   my husband should be so happy i didn’t have a girl, i would go CRAZY with tutus, bows and ribbons.  luckily i can dress other people’s little ones up and live vicariously through them.

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