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Nick and I recently celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.  I kind of can’t (but also can) believe how quickly time has flown by.  Knowing this big milestone was coming up, earlier in the year I had grand ideas of anniversary vacations, or huge house renovations.  Images of beaches and hard wood floors danced in my head.  But when the day finally came the reality was those big ideas would have to wait until next year.  But I had Pinterest boards burned in my brain, color swatches pulled, and tile samples pinned.  I couldn’t call it quits entirely (I’m no quitter)!  With the help of credit card rewards points and an amazingly patient husband who is willing to watch YouTube videos on DIY, we decided to update our guest bathroom together to celebrate.

This is one of those projects that has been moved to the bottom of the house priority list many times in our 5 years living here.  Ya’ll, it was the last remaining bathroom that still had CARPET.  The fact that we bought a house in 2012 that had not 1, or 2, but THREE bathrooms carpeted still baffles my mind.  I’ll give you a second to shudder at the idea of years of men and children’s potential “misses.”  Highest priority = tile floors.

It also was the only room in the house that 100% has no design connection to the rest of the house.  From the wall color to the decor elements it doesn’t look like it belongs.  We have coined this home the house of turquoise and it’s comprised of various shades of gray, white, black and blue.  This bathroom had olive green walls, brown carpet, and dark, heavy, brown accent pieces.  It wasn’t horrible (one reason why it has taken us this long to redo), but it just wasn’t us.

The day I went upstairs to take my “before” pictures Nick had surprised me and had already cleared out the entire room and was sanding away.  God bless him, but I was secretly bummed I didn’t get an accurate representation of the real “before.”  So these pictures are technically from when bought the house but hadn’t moved in yet, so we had a different shower curtain and accessories, but it’s a really close representation of what it once was.


Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0048Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0051Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0049Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0052Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0050

Thank you to American Express membership rewards and Home Depot gift cards having a high return rate we were able to get almost everything using gift cards.  Since we had a very tight budget we tried to reuse as much as we could with face lifts and paint.  We kept the same mirror and cabinets which was a huge savings.  Major shout out to the paint department at Home Depot too.  We knew we had the gift cards there, but the colors I really wanted were at Sherwin Williams.  So I brought them Sherwin Williams color swatches and they made me the colors with their paint!


 I found this Carrera Matte porcelain tile at Home Depot too, and it was only $1.99 a square foot!  Since our bathroom is so small the tile itself was roughly $60.

Southlake Texas Interior Design_4

I will say I LOVE the color we chose for the cabinets and mirror, but the wall paint color isn’t exactly what I envisioned.  When you are looking into the bathroom from the hall it looks gray (which is what I wanted), but when you are on the opposite side of the room with the sun shining in, it definitely has a lot of blue in it.  I really didn’t want blue on blue, so one day, when we muster up the energy again, I’m going to repaint the walls (along with trim and doors, it makes me CRAZY that they aren’t bright white).

We finished off the cabinets with new pulls.  I went off the gift card train for these though.  They were $6 a piece in the store, and I found a 10 pack on Amazon Prime for $38.  Which worked out great because I used the leftovers in the downstairs bathroom!

Southlake Texas Interior Design_1

Southlake Texas Interior Design_16

I originally planned to reuse the same wall unit and just paint it the same color as the cabinets, but I never liked that I couldn’t have as much decor in there and how chunky I thought it looked.  Enter simple white shelves!  I repurposed the flowers, pink glass cup and q-tip/cotton holder from other places in the house.  The grateful sign and blue lantern I scored MAJOR on sale and paid $10 total for both, and snagged the gray bin from Home Goods.

Southlake Texas Interior Design_5

Southlake Texas Interior Design_7

Southlake Texas Interior Design_2

The last couple of big ticket items that made me really happy were the elongated toilet (my oh my how life has changed in the last 10 years) and a new faucet.  Both of which were from, you guessed it, Home Depot using gift cards.

Southlake Texas Interior Design_6

Lastly, you knew I couldn’t complete the project without one of my fine art photography pieces.  After narrowing down my choices to 10 finalists, taking a poll on Instagram, and changing my mind 100 times, I ended up with this beachy sunset in Watercolor, Florida.  I had always envisioned it somewhere in my home, and I loved that it tied in the pink accent colors I had.  It’s very serene and a perfect addition to the bathroom! I love that you can see it in the mirror’s reflection when you walk in too.

Southlake Texas Interior Design_15

Southlake Texas Interior Design_12

This is the wall you see when you enter and exit the bathroom.  It’s been this color combo for a few years now.  Can you believe what it looked like before? It just didn’t belong!

Southlake Texas Interior Design_8

One thing I actually love doing is making my own flower arrangements.  Hands down, Hobby Lobby has the best collection of silk flowers and if you check their weekly ads enough they do 50% off florals pretty often making it crazy affordable.  If you compare their quality to Pottery Barn it’s VERY close.

Southlake Texas Interior Design_3

All in all, I’m SO happy with how it all turned out!  I may or may not be using this bathroom the most now. Here are the before and after shots side by side:

Southlake Texas Interior Design_9

Southlake Texas Interior Design_13Southlake Texas Interior Design_11Southlake Texas Interior Design_10

And this post wouldn’t be complete unless I gave a HUGEEEEEE thank you to my most amazing husband, Nick.  We started this project together, with me helping him paint the room, and then I got shingles immediately after that.  Which forced him to finish all of the DIY parts himself.  I swooped in the end and did all of the decor (obviously), but the major projects, which I fully intended to help him with, were all him (with a cameo by my brother to help with one part). 😉

I hesitated to make this post. One because people are uncomfortable hearing about the subject these days, and two because I know there are others going through far worse themselves and this may seem like not much.  But if I kept this to myself I would be going against what God asks of us, to spread the joy of His love and try and help others in need!!!  Plus, I’m all hopped up on pain pills and benadryl so bear with me, on this crazy long post, but I have to share a testimony that I think is worth hearing.

2017 didn’t start out too well for us, and the first few months were crazy ups and downs, very emotional and very taxing.  When our world turned upside down, Nick and I turned to God.  We dove deeper into the word, and focused on His grace to see us through.  32 days ago I started a bible study by myself, called “suffering and sovereignty” using the First 5 app. You may have seen me post about it a couple of weeks ago because I loved it so much.  It starts with the book of Job, and how God tested Job with a series of unfortunate events.  The more I read, and the further I went into the study the better I felt.  Suffering is a part of life, and how you choose to handle it is up to you.  I grew closer to God, and stronger in my faith.  Then, in a way only God could provide, I found myself walking in Job’s footsteps.  In the book, God took away Job’s wealth, his health via what is described as a very bad case of shingles, and he lost his loved ones.  As I did the study, it brought me so much comfort, because I could relate to the first one.  We too took a financial nose dive, and on a wing and prayer enrolled Caden in a private school, knowing very well we couldn’t afford it next year especially because Alivia will be joining him for kindergarten.  We put it all in God’s hands, knowing he will provide a way.  Then things got weird.  I too contracted shingles, and found myself experiencing everything I had just read that Job went through.  The sleepless nights mixed with the pain that wouldn’t end, the blisters, and the agony.  I couldn’t believe it.  The main difference being I had medicine to help relieve the symptoms and Job did not.  Then, on the same day I got shingles, I found out my Nana was diagnosed with stage 4 lung and brain cancer and only has a matter of days to live.  Ya’ll.  I stopped dead in my tracks, called my mom and said, “Mom!!! I’m Job!!! What’s going on!?!?! How is it that I’m on day 32 of Job and I’ve literally experienced this book in real time?!”   The answer is God.


God was preparing my heart for what was to come.  God was holding my hand along the way and showing me exactly what needed to be done to carry on, all the while growing closer to Him.  The major difference that exists between the book of Job and my life – God provided me with a tribe of amazing friends and family who rushed to my side.  Where Job’s friends turned on him, mine reached out a helping hand.  Friends have brought the kids home from school, gone to the grocery, brought over meals and texted me with words of encouragement.  God provided.  God blessed us with this amazing support system, and through it all I never once cried out “why?!” or wondered “why all of this is happening.” I know why.  I’m not mad.  I know that through it all, God’s got this.  Does that mean I’m not sad or uncomfortable? Heck no.  This year has HURT.  The shingles HURT.  Nana dying HURTS.  I’ve been crying out in pain and sadness plenty, just not in anger.  I’m at peace with it.  God will provide, and He has provided tremendously.  If you just give him your all, your everything, trust in Him and be still, I promise you with His grace you will get through anything.   I know that so many of you are experiencing your own test of faith right now, and I urge you not to turn your backs on Him, dive in deeper, and praise Him in the good and the bad!

Sometimes mom lets you stay up late on a school night, for the sake of photography and good lighting.  🙂

Today was little miss’ first day back to school (and not a moment too soon for her or me).  She turns 5 tomorrow, but she seems so much older to me.  She’s one parts 2nd child, one parts fearless & determined which add up to 5 going on 12.  She’s got very specific tastes in music, movies, toys and clothes (don’t get me started on the amount of time it takes us to agree on an outfit in the morning).  She pushes us all to the point of madness and exhaustion then just when you think you are going to scream, she says something so hilarious that you can’t help but laugh and scoop her up in a bear hug.

When she was in my stomach she NEVER stopped moving, I mean ever.  I would cry to Nick how she was punching and kicking at the same time, because I could feel it in 4 places at once.  At one of her sonograms I had a technician tell me she’d never seen a baby move so much and that I was in trouble.  To say this is still true today would be an understatement.  She doesn’t walk, she runs. EVERYWHERE.  And she’s actually quite fast.

She’s an amazing sister.  She’ll play whatever Caden wants to, she stands up for him no matter what (even yelling at Nick or I when he’s getting in trouble to go easy on him), and saves a bite of every treat for him (even when he’s already had one of his own).  She’s the one who will push the limits when he’s too scared too (like hiding behind the couch with packs of fruit snacks).  Don’t get me wrong, she’s still a sister, and annoys him plenty.  But at the end of the day, she’s someone you want in your corner.

She’s as girlie as it gets; loves painting her nails, changing dresses 3x a day and putting on make up.  But will also dig in the dirt, play any sport you want and play light sabers while wearing her fairy wings.  I made her middle name “Grace” because she is truly a testament of God’s grace on me and it just happens to be a daily lesson for ME in giving her the grace that she needs.

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll find time to do her annual birthday pictures and post some from her birthday party along with it.  In the mean time, here’s her 2nd, 3rd and 4th pictures to make you smile.

Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0001Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0002Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0003Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0004Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0005Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0006Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0007Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0008Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0009Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0010Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0011Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0012Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0013Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0014Southlake Texas Lifestyle Photographer_0015

I feel like our summer just started and here we are already in the 2nd week of July.  My oldest actually goes back to school in exactly one month!  The past couple of months I’ve had the fortune of traveling to two gorgeous places, Watercolor, Florida (a piece of heaven on earth) and Savannah, Georgia.  I didn’t snap nearly as much as I had fully intended, but I was still able to get enough goodies to add about 30 pieces to the Etsy shop.  All of these pieces are available now in the Etsy shop, and as always, I’m available for in home style sessions as well as virtual sessions to find the perfect print for your space.

I also offer custom artwork services.  If you don’t see exactly what you want, have a vision you need brought to life, or just need help starting over contact me for custom collaborations.

And it’s always helpful to see some of these images visualized in a space, so when you scroll to the bottom of the post I have a small gallery of examples of how you could incorporate them into your home.

Watercolor/30a/Seaside Additions:

Watercolor Florida Wall ArtWatercolor Florida Wall ArtWatercolor Florida Wall ArtWatercolor Florida Wall Art
Watercolor Florida Wall ArtWatercolor Florida Wall ArtWatercolor Florida Wall ArtWatercolor Florida Wall Art
Watercolor Florida Wall ArtWatercolor Florida Wall ArtWatercolor Florida Wall ArtWatercolor Florida Wall ArtWatercolor Florida Wall Art

Boathouse Paddle Club Watercolor Florida

Watercolor Florida Wall ArtWatercolor Florida Wall ArtWatercolor Florida Wall Art

Savannah, Georgia Additions:

Savannah Georgia PhotographySavannah Georgia Photography

Savannah Georgia PhotographySavannah Georgia PhotographySavannah Georgia PhotographySavannah Georgia PhotographySavannah Georgia PhotographyCharleston SC Artwork

Love one of these prints, but don’t know how or what it would look like hung? Here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing.  If you have an empty spot on the wall, snap a shot of it with your phone and send it to me. I will mock any of these up and show you what they look like on YOUR wall.

As a mom and wife, I know that those two jobs always come first.  Life speeds by, commitments increase, and I find less and less time to devote to my photography.  It’s gotten to the point where I thought to myself “Why am I even still doing this? I love it, but does anyone else?  Is any of this even good?”  When I get a free moment here and there (in between loads of laundry and driving my kids around town) I get an idea or a vision of something I want to photograph.  Then as quickly as it came into my mind, a dog barks or a child asks for a snack and the thought leaves and is gone and forgotten.

Every so often I’ll get a little nudge to pick back up, or I’ll read something inspiration that reignites the flame enough to make me take action.  I started a bible study a few weeks ago that has been slowly giving me that poke.  I’m a firm believer that God is always talking to us, we just need to clear out the noise and listen.  The problem is our inner voice has a good way of shutting those conversations down and making us feel like they are insignificant or all in our minds.  I’ve had a song on repeat these days called “Inner Demons” and I love it so much.  One of the greatest lines from it is, “Inner demons don’t play well with angels.”  How true is that?  How many times have you been fired up about something only to have your brain tell you it’s ridiculous.  I’ve made the decision to quiet that noise (or crank up the music and drown it all out).  I’m going to pick back up with my art, and make a real effort to find the time for it.  Who knows what ideas will pop into my head, or if they will be worthy of a blog post (they are all debatable, LOL).  But the point is I’m going to TRY.  So hopefully you’ll see more posts from me in the upcoming months.

Who knows why these cherries popped into my mind but they just did.  I was just driving down the road and a picture of bright red cherries in a simple glass bowl shot across my mind.  So off to the store I went.  True to inner voice fashion, I couldn’t decide if it was a light or dark feeling, I bounced back and forth between black and white backgrounds (even though the vision I had was white).  So I tried both and just kept snapping away until I felt satisfied.  I honestly think my favorite was the jar knocked over with all the cherries spilled out.  It happened on accident (or did it) as I was trying to arrange the stems just right.  I loved the way it looked and felt like it was so symbolic of life.  Just when you think your life is the perfect bowl of cherries they spill and somehow you’ve created a mess that’s just as beautiful.

Bowl of CherriesBowl of Cherries Bowl of CherriesBowl of CherriesBowl of CherriesBowl of CherriesBowl of CherriesCherries

Bowl of Cherries