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Back to School Kindergarten Pictures + Minis [Southlake Texas Family Photographer]

Well, with the magic of a weekend and a husband to tend to the children, I was able to tackle editing all of Caden’s back to school pictures.  Like I’ve mentioned 37 times via social media, this week was hard for me.  We have 3 weeks left until Kindergarten starts for this little man and a wave of emotions has come over me.  Honestly though, after weeping crocodile tears for practically a week, and taking these pictures, I think I’m finally over it.  It was cathartic in a way.  And especially after the end of our session where he proved to still be little, I have fresh (and dried out) eyes on the new endeavor.

I’ve had some interest in back to school mini sessions, so there is more information about that at the bottom of the post.  Please feel free to email or call with me any questions.

So without further ado here are Caden’s back to school pictures.

Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0037Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0036Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0038Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0039Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0040Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0041Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0042Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0043Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0044Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0045Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0046Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0047Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0048Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0049Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0050
Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0052Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0053Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0054Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0055Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0056Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0057

Walnut Grove Elementary

Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0060

Southlake Texas Family Photographer_0058

If anyone is interested in having their child photographed for back to school, please email me or give me a call.  I will be doing sessions are your respective elementary schools, and will include a 20 minute session with 10 high resolution, fully edited digital files.


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