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    Macro Butterflies [Fine Art Photography]

    Around the 10th day of my shingles debacle I was totally stir crazy.  When I laid in bed I felt every bit of discomfort, and I continually thought about my Nana lying in her own bed at the same time, slowly dying.  It was overwhelming and dark.  Having experience battling depression I knew I needed to leave my bedroom and get some fresh air.  On some of my darkest days I’ve made my way outView full post »

    Guest Bathroom Facelift [Southlake Interior Photography]

    Nick and I recently celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.  I kind of can’t (but also can) believe how quickly time has flown by.  Knowing this big milestone was coming up, earlier in the year I had grand ideas of anniversary vacations, or huge house renovations.  Images of beaches and hard wood floors danced in my head.  But when the day finally came the reality was those big ideasView full post »

    I hesitated to make this post. One because people are uncomfortable hearing about the subject these days, and two because I know there are others going through far worse themselves and this may seem like not much.  But if I kept this to myself I would be going against what God asks of us, to spread the joy of His love and try and help others in need!!!  Plus, I’m all hopped up on pain pillsView full post »

    Summer’s Over [Southlake Lifestyle Photographer]

    Sometimes mom lets you stay up late on a school night, for the sake of photography and good lighting.  🙂 Today was little miss’ first day back to school (and not a moment too soon for her or me).  She turns 5 tomorrow, but she seems so much older to me.  She’s one parts 2nd child, one parts fearless & determined which add up to 5 going on 12.  She’s got very specific tastesView full post »